What to Expect

Whether you are already a client of ours, or just considering our firm to help you with a problem, the pages in this section are intended to give you a better understanding of the litigation experience.

Our Role
At The King Firm our role is to take care of your legal needs and to protect your legal rights. When we are working on your case we put our entire effort and attention into this process, as we do for all our clients. For this reason we may not always be available to take a call when you need us. However, each lawyer has one or more legal assistants, one of whom is completely familiar with your case. If the lawyer handling your case is unavailable when you need them, ask for the legal assistant handling your case. If they cannot fulfill your needs, they will get you and your attorney together at the earliest possible moment. If your need is not urgent, you might want to consider sending your request by email. (The email address of each attorney and his or her legal assistant is located at their profile) If your request is sensitive we will call you with the answer.

Your Role  
It is impossible to remember everything your lawyer has told you that you can do to preserve your rights as the case continues through the system, so we have provided much of the more important general information in this section. Feel free to come here as often as you like to refresh your memory and to better understand the process.

What to Expect
Whether you are suing someone or being sued, a lawsuit is a complicated legal process, and it can be full of unpleasant surprises and frustrating delays. Don't forget, there are at least two parties to every action, and that means the scheduling and the events which take place can be out of our hands. Nonetheless, some things happen in the same order in most litigation, and you can at least get a general idea of what's likely to happen.

You will begin with an initial, no cost interview with one of our lawyers who will evaluate your complaint to determine if there is a "cause of action", sometime referred to as "grounds." Simply put, this means is there a legal basis for filing a lawsuit? The attorney will then explain your options to you.

If a lawsuit is filed, there are several things you will be called on to do, and much behind-the-scenes work to be done by your attorney and the legal assistants.

How Long Will It Take?
A lawsuit can be time consuming. They can last from a few months to several years. There is really no way to predict in advance how much time it will take. Since the law firm is financing the cost of your litigation we are motivated to move your case along as quickly as possible.

Because your case may possibly last a while, we are providing this web site as a vehicle to help keep you informed. You can make inquiry anytime by submitting an email request to the legal assistant handling your case.

Interrogatories are a set of written questions that must be answered by a party to a lawsuit. The party must swear, under oath, that the answers are accurate to the best of his or her knowledge. Unlike a statement, these are specific and detailed questions.

Interrogatories can delve into all aspects of your case, including family finances and your personal life. Your lawyer and his or her legal assistant will help you answer your interrogatories, but you will have to supply most of the information to them. You are usually sent a copy of the questions with a request to pull together all that you can, then meet with your attorney or staff to prepare the final answers.

The answers to interrogatories are sometimes used during a trial to impeach a your testimony. For example, if you give an answer to a question in trial and your answer is different from that which you gave to the same question in interrogatory format, it could lead the jury to doubt your honesty.

A deposition is the sworn testimony of a witness taken before trial held outside of the court with no judge present. The witness is placed under oath to tell the truth and lawyers for each party may ask questions. The questions and answers are recorded and/or transcribed. When a person is unavailable to testify at trial, the deposition of that person may be used. Depositions are part of the pre-trial discovery (fact-finding) process.

Depositions are sometimes video-taped. In some instances they are also tape recorded as part of a video conference. In a video conference deposition, some of the attorneys may be in another city or state and question the witness's over a live video hookup.

Your attorney will help you prepare for this process.

Mediations are sometimes confused with arbitration. Arbitration is a process where a arbitrator, usually another disinterested lawyer, will hear all the facts informally. Like a judge, the arbitrator then makes a final decision based on what he or she considers most fair to all parties. The arbitrator's decision is final, with no appeal.

A mediation, on the other hand, is not binding on any party. It is an attempt to lead each party to a settlement, agreeable to all parties involved. A mediator, again usually an experienced lawyer, will coordinate an orderly exchange of information, offers and counter offers until their is agreement, or until all sides agree that there can be no agreement. The case then usually proceeds to trial and possible appeals. Mediation usually lasts no more than a day, but occasionally continues for days or weeks with settlement exchanges made through the mediator.

This law firm pioneered the use of video presentations in mediation and is the only law firm in Alabama that we know of that produces a video for almost every mediation.  

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