To assure that our clients get the best possible representation, King Wiley & Williams has various experts and technical resources on standby to advise our attorneys in the very complicated areas of our practice. Here are some of those specialists:

Litigation Support & Mediation - Jimmy King pioneered the extensive use of video in the mediation process in Alabama. Each plaintiff case handled by King, Wiley & Williams, is offered for mediation and a video presentation is prepared to clearly and accurately present the clients story to the defendant and their lawyers. They clearly show the serious nature of the client's claims.

Licensed Professional Engineer, a Civil Engineer, who consults weekly on the structural and other engineering areas of our cases. He helps locate expert witnesses and reviews technical information supplied by the defendants experts to assure their positions are based upon sound engineering practices.

Ph.D. Mining Engineer with more than 30 years extensive experience in all areas of mining including subsidance, blasting, mine explosions and mining accidents , consults weekly and does extensive research on all underground and strip mining cases handled by the law firm. He also evaluates all evidence offered by the mining companies in defense of their company, verifying its viability. This consultant is a resident Alabamaian with experience in mining activities in several other states, as well.

Ph.D. Mining Engineer and University Professor - Out of state expert that is consulted as needed in under ground mining accidents, with his specialty in Methane degasification and mine explosions. He has written papers and done extensive research in the area of underground mine safety.

Registered Nurse - Reveiws the medical records of our clients regularly to assure that the proper standard of care has been exersized in their case, and in mediacal malpractice cases that no records are missing or improperly documented. She points out significant entries that may have a bearing on the case, advising the attorneys what discovery question need to be asked, and how to ask those question in order to get that we need.

Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Expert highly experienced in motor vehicle accidents and Alabama statutes that apply to automobiles and commercial vehicles traveling Alabama highways. This Licensed Professional Engineer is involved and has been involved in many cases handled by King, Wiley and Williams.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Carrier Safety Expert - Many years experience in operation of the safety department of some of Alabama's largest trucking companies. He is up-to-date on all state and federal motor carrier rules and regulations and proper safe driving practices for truckers.

National Engineering Firm that has experts in most major areas of litigation, such as fuel fed motor vehicle fires, industrial and motor vehicle accident reconstruction, cause analysis, products liability and unsafe product design, and more.

With the services of these and other nationally recognized experts, the attorneys at King, Wiley and Williams is able to "get inside" its cases and understand the dynamics that combine to cause preventable accident and injuries.



The King Firm, LLC is located in Jasper AL serves North AL and Central AL, including but not limited to Walker County, Jefferson County, Tuscaloosa County, and Birmingham. Serving individuals in the heart of "Coal Country."

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