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This law firm has dedicated itself throughout the years to the representation of injured and illegally wronged individuals. The firm does not represent insurance companies or corporate interests. The primary focus has been on mining accidents, wrongful death, personal injury, car/truck wrecks, defective products, personal and consumer fraud, workers' compensation and industrial accidents. There is no fee for an initial consultation and the firm averages at least 20% of its total time to pro bono advice, consultation and representation.

In the early years of Jimmy King's first law firm, Wilson & King, a decision was made to deliver high quality legal service to those who are not able to afford it. This commitment has carried forward to King, Wiley, & Williams. Many hours of legal work are performed by our lawyers each year for which no fee is ever charged.

Throughout the years the firm has obtained numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and multi-million dollar settlements. With the addition of Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques (ADR), the firm has been an innovator in this area and has mediated hundreds of cases successfully from 1995 to the current date. The use of videography, computer animation and highly trained and qualified expert witnesses has created a success rate at mediation of 95%.

King, Wiley, & Williams utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide superior legal services to our clients. Attorneys and staff members have access to voice mail, electronic mail, the Internet, presentation software, audio/visual technology and computer aided presentation graphics. The lawyers in this firm have pioneered the use of video graphic presentation in the mediation process, and produces a video tape presentation of our clients' case in almost every settlement mediation process. We also utilize electronic services for legal research in order to provide our attorneys with needed information in the most efficient, economical manner possible.

King, Wiley, & Williams attorneys are actively practicing in most counties of Alabama including Walker, Marion, Winston, Fayette, Cullman, Tuscaloosa, Morgan, Jefferson, Lamar, Colbert, Lauderdale, Etowah, Limestone, Pickens, Marshall, St. Clair, Blount, Shelby, Greene and Montgomery. They also practice in Federal Court in Alabama and the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

James C. King, Senior Partner
Henry C. Wiley, Partner
Franklin G. Williams, Partner
Justin L. Jones, Trial Lawyer
Judge John L. Madison, In Memory 1947 - 2006

King, Wiley & Williams is located in Jasper AL serves North AL and Central AL, including but not limited to Walker County, Jefferson County, Tuscaloosa County, and Birmingham. Serving individuals in the heart of "Coal Country."

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